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The Vision

At Socialbout Media (SBM), individual commitment to capturing attention is just the beginning. What sets SBM apart is our commitment, and strategy towards earning it.

I explore deep into user persona psychology in order to find the heart of your audience tailoring the digital experience to them. Ready to make your website an extension of your event?

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The reality of our industry is that people either show up, or they don’t. Which means our goal isn’t just to make sure people buy tickets, it’s ultimately to make them feel something — “you gotta give the people what they want!”

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Create unforgettable festival experiences

what's your story?

We all do it, don’t we? Look up to the biggest events and festivals in the world for inspiration. So, what’s the difference between your event and theirs? If I had to guess: Your story.

You’re most likely having troubles telling your side of the story. Often times, our problems revolve around marketing and our position in the community we serve: “People like us do things like this.” When was the last time you did something for the first time? The ideation process needn't stop.

I’m not a marketer. Not entirely, at least. Socialbout Media (SBM) is a website design and copywriting agency focused on helping events and festivals tell their side of the story to create resonance in their audience.

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a few things about intentional design, and creative storytelling. Some methods are simple, some a little more complex, but all can work wonders when done correctly.

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From the inside, Socialbout Media (SBM) develops a neat visual space where you can add new blog posts, news articles, press releases, EPKs, and more making it easier to establish your event along with stories for your audience to resonate with.

From the outside, SBM designs a digital canvas that reflects your event, or festival and offers information clearly to your audience. Websites don’t have to be just pixels on a screen. They can be valuable extensions for your audience to hold onto.

We embrace a different pattern. A pattern of creativity and doing work for the heart of your audience. At the end of the day, SBM’s primary goal is to help create nuanced festival experiences your audience can talk about around the dinner table, in the DMs, or on the street with their friends.

When this happens, we've struck gold. The main principle is that you either find a story to tell your audience to get them talking, or you become irrelevant. Ads are out.

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Learning AI just got easier

Selecting the right vendor, venue, and innovative tools to use can be hard work. That’s why I put together a free AI resource that shows you all of the ways you can utilize AI for your next event. Any size, any scale — the principles are applicable across themes, genres, and audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one putting on the event, or you’re the talent showing up. A gift — from me to you.

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Socialbout Media (SBM) content: "Our top 5 AI tools that every event professional should know"

I am Wayne Calliou, the only face behind the keyboard at Socialbout Media (SBM) — for now.

Not just a website designer or copywriter, I'm also uncle of the decade, brother of the year, and reigning Bejeweled champion of the month (4x months in a row).

With over 10+ years in hospitality, events, and the restaurant scene that time has given me real-world experience and perspectives to capitalize on through intentional design.

If you need help with a website, EPK, press release, blog post or anything in between — give me a shout. I'd love to connect and see how I can offer my brain.

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I take payments in puppies, Red Bull, and vinyl records.

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Socialbout Media's (SBM) mission is to create digital extensions of your event or festival through intentional web design, marketing, and content for the soul.
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