Wayne Calliou

Copywriter & Web Designer

British Columbia, Canada

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intentional design for events

As a writer and designer, I focus on storytelling and creating online communities.

British Columbia, Canada

What I do

Tell Stories

We evoke emotions. Event promotion and marketing is about storytelling and finding a way to resonate with your audience — not creating “salesy” posts event after event hoping people show up.

design event strategies

Your event should be a story and experience people remember, not just a case study. Great strategy always starts at the beginning: the questions we start to build around matter the most.

intentional design

Great design starts in the heart and mind of your audience. We figure out what they want, what they expect, the stories that got there before we did, and where the gap in worldview sits.

Market event ideas

Our philosophy is rooted deep in the idea of permission marketing. Making people smile, remember, and tell their friends about you — all of these things require emotional labor and is what we’re good at.



Case Study




Website Mockup
Logo Design
Concept Overview
Marketing Strategy

A 3-day electronic music festival with a hidden location, and rare marketing opportunities.

The "Astroverse" is a 3-day electronic music festival with each day getting bigger, and bigger as the word spreads about the location. Why the location? Because it’s hidden. The goal is to promote the festival as an experience rarely (if ever) felt. It's the kind of experience you go yelling to the world about because it put you into such euphoria — before and after.


Position the festival brand as a “must be at” festival; create excitement around the festival, experience, and hidden location.


An undisclosed location 3-days in advance with hidden venue clues; two separate giveaways, and a festival lineup that lives and breathes spontaneity.

Finding the Concept

The idea is that the festival website acts as a mystery between virtual space and reality. The question: "Where is the event" forces you to read more into the festival for nuance words, and easter eggs.

The paragon behind the "mystery venue location" was to push the boundaries of festival themes, permission marketing, and this elusive pseudo concept of "stepping out of line is bad."

We were tricked as kids to fit in, now as adults, our goal is to stand out as much as possible and do cool sh*t. Memento mori.

astroverse: website UI/UX festival mockup.
defining user personas

Three user personas were created for the project: Festival organizer, DJ, and Tech-savvy explorer. A true festival experience for the neophiliacs. There’s a whole world out there with a large group of people who only want “different” or “new.” This is more than different; it’s an invitation to the unknown.

Festival Positioning

Mindful Estate

Your website is the hub for all things related to your event. The goal is to make it easier for festival-goers and event attendees to let their minds wander and find emotions to attach to the experiences you've setup for them in advance.

Redefining the Festival Concept

Early in the process, I focused on global festival competitors and scanned hundreds of DJ social media pages — I noticed that most events/festivals lacked ingenuity, creativity, and rare experiences worth talking about.


Only lasts so long.

That’s where the idea came to create a hidden-location and announce it only 3-days prior. Right from the moment you hear about the event you begin to sum up a million inner possibilities.

"It's a mistake to show up with an acorn and expect a crowd. Work that matters for people who care is the shortest, most direct route to making a difference."
astroverse sitemap
astroverse DJ user persona
An overview image of the entire Astroverse project: Wireframes, user personas, mood boards, etc.

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British Columbia

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