Wayne Calliou

Copywriter & Web Designer

British Columbia, Canada

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intentional design for events

As a writer and designer, I focus on storytelling and creating online communities.

British Columbia, Canada

What I do

Tell Stories

We evoke emotions. Event promotion and marketing is about storytelling and finding a way to resonate with your audience — not creating “salesy” posts event after event hoping people show up.

design event strategies

Your event should be a story and experience people remember, not just a case study. Great strategy always starts at the beginning: the questions we start to build around matter the most.

intentional design

Great design starts in the heart and mind of your audience. We figure out what they want, what they expect, the stories that got there before we did, and where the gap in worldview sits.

Market event ideas

Our philosophy is rooted deep in the idea of permission marketing. Making people smile, remember, and tell their friends about you — all of these things require emotional labor and is what we’re good at.


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Short festival copy

Rhythm & Flow

Hip-Hop/R&B and Comedy Festival


Electronic Music Festival

Backwoods Sunset

Country Music Festival

Honey Venues

Destination Wedding Venue Service

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Socialbout Media's (SBM) mission is to create digital extensions of your event or festival through intentional web design, marketing, and content for the soul.
white lettering that says "socialbout media"
British Columbia

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